Meaning in Javanese: "beautiful"


Timeless, simple, and suitable for any occasion, these are the values
we base our designs on. All of our items are limited and have been
exclusively made for Ayu House, by passionate craftsmen that have
been making jewelry since 1999. Does expertise and high quality cost
much? You might be pleasantly surprised by our friendly priced items.
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Ayu House thrives on simplicity, that’s why our items are pretty straightforward. We don’t use any magical formula. All of our items are made from silver sterling 925. If you see a golden coloured item, then it’s plated with 18kt gold. If you see a rose coloured item, rose gold was used to plate it. Plating simply means: covering the item with a layer of another material. Using exclusively premium materials enables us to deliver you sustainable and allergy-friendly items.




Ayu stands for '‘beautiful’‘, and we believe that beauty comes from simplicity. All of our jewelry is crafted by hand, using passion and the finest materials as its only base. With Ayu House, we seek to bring back authenticity in a world that is overwhelmed by mass production.


Ayu House was inspired by a trip to Bali and the Gili Islands in Indonesia. Being surrounded by gorgeous nature, local handicraft makers, their impressive creations and their artistic houses inspired her to build a house called 'Ayu’. Just like in those houses, Ayu House is a place where handmade creations prevail. What’s more, Ayu House is an undiscovered world full of opportunities. Want to learn more? Get in contact via our business opportunities section here. We love hearing your story.







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