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Product information

What are your items made of?

All of our items are made of 925 Sterling silver. We also do Gold vermeil, which means 925 Silver sterling on the inside and a thick gold coating on the outside. Our gold vermeil items are available in three colours of gold: white gold, rose gold and yellow gold.

How do i keep my items in good condition?

Please find our easy to maintain tips below:

  • Keep your jewelry out of moisture. Avoid wearing it while doing sports, taking a shower or spraying on perfume.

  • Avoid contact with products that might contain chemicals, such as body lotion, hair spray, make-up and household cleaning products.

  • Do not sleep while having your jewelry on.

  • Keep your items clean in the Ayu House box that comes with your order. In case you have lost your box, you can store your item in a similar velour fitted box, flannel or anti-tarnish paper.

  • If your item is really dirty, do not use any sort of chemical to clean it. Using chemicals, including baking soda, could damage your silver. Our best advice is to go to your nearest jeweller to have it professionally cleaned for you.

What if my purchase is a gift?

How nice! Our items are always packed and shipped in our Ayu House gift boxes and exclude a printed invoice. Invoices are sent via email. In case you need an invoice for your purchase and haven't received one in your inbox, simply send us a note below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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